he Last || Regime of Ortega plant delivery to political prisoner Justo Emilio Rodriguez Lopez native of Ometepe Island.

 đź”´⚠️ #The Last || Regime of Ortega plant delivery to political prisoner Justo Emilio Rodriguez Lopez native of Ometepe Island.

Rodriguez Lopez, who was in custody since April 20 and after his return, was met with tears by family and friends who were stunned by the state in which he was handed over by sanctioned orteguist police.

Don just Rodriguez Lopez originates from Esquipulas in the municipality of Moyogalpa, Isla de Ometepe.

Emerita Rodriguez Lopez, sister of the political prisoner, confirmed that her brother's health status is serious and likely will not walk again.

The aftermath is products of the blows trafficked by Orteguistas police, who miserable the life of my brother, said Ms. Emérita.

My brother won't be normal again, multiple torture and blows left him with serious head injuries that struck more than three surgical interventions and several operations across his body that left him in a state.

Justo Emilio Rodriguez, 68, is one of the 7 islanders who were arrested on April 20, 2020, after participating in the commemoration of the second anniversary of the 2018 rebellion, and To date, Daniel Ortega's regime has only released Do ñaa Juana Estela L ópez German and Don Justo. Courtesy courtesy

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