LastHour || Confirm the assassination of the opposition, Gerardo Gutiérrez, commander the ′′ skinny ′′ of the Nicaraguan resistance.

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LastHour || Confirm the assassination of the opposition, Gerardo Gutiérrez, commander the ′′ skinny ′′ of the Nicaraguan resistance.

The authorities of Honduras confirmed the death of the opposition against the government of Nicaragua and asylumed in Honduras, 56-year-old Gerardo de Jes Jesúss Gutierrez Gutierrez, known in the ranks of the resistance as ′′ commander the skinny ′′ who had risen in #guns against the #dictatorship of Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

Information from Honduran authorities:

′′ Apparent Death Way: Craniocephalic trauma enclosed plus Coello vessel lacerations with penetrating injury to vital chest organs

Apparent Cause of Death: Murder

According to the statement given by police inspector Pedro duglas Gomes Valeria a citizen came to the police post to warn that in the colony hills of poteca on the street leading to a tank at the mere crossing, they heard about 10 shots but did not see to anyone and that at the time a child came to tell him that there was a dead man carrying on a motorcycle blue striped shirt had killed him

Injuries: 12 gunshot wounds in different parts of the body chest head and neck and left hand

The corpse was sent. Forensic medicine from Tegucigalpa.

According to information collected at the crime scene, this citizen belongs to the organization against the Sandinista government of Nicaragua and was with political asylum in our country

′′ The skinny ′′ was chased by Nicaragua's Sandinista army and police, with whom they had several armed clashes.

This event happened yesterday afternoon in trojes, municipality in paradise, Honduras.

The citizen, Gerardo Gutierrez, originates from the community El Tamalaque, from the municipality of Pantasma, Jinotega-Nicaragua.

We will expand more information.....

#NicaraguaNewsNN #Nacionales


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