We built a crane boom and used the Kia in the past.

 Fighting the good fight on several fronts. The well water pump at the Lighthouse mission went out. It's way too heavy to lift by hand. 

But we cannibalized/modified it to lift beams for the school construcrion. So today spent all afternoon modifying it again to use on the pump house. Then we hoisted the heavy  26foot high rig and tied it off to pump house to lift the pipe out. Now ready for tomorrow if the news is what we think it is. Ie pump motor bad. But before that work started the boys left before 5am to take pastor Ruis back to Nicaragua, get him and supplies across the river. And be back before Toño's college classes at 9am. After his classes were over, he headed to the church with half the crew to form up the foundation for cement tomorrow. The blocks arrived as well. Good timing. Several kids running parts runs, drink runs to keep the small army running. Amen. Everyone is whooped from the prep work for the real work tomorrow. Weee.

 Lisa is finalizing a few things and looking for requirements to return in a few weeks (mid Jan?)  As the LORD opens the door. Amen. Always in need of prayer..

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